Networking Event Recap: Social Entrepreneurship (The Sunshine Approach)


Since leaving The Hershey Company in 2011, Don Larson has been on a quest to transform lives in Africa using sustainable business practices and readily available resources. He has shown that building a factory and hiring a local workforce to plant, harvest, and package cashews in Mozambique can be about much more than nuts. The Sunshine Nut Company now sells its products around the world, including in American grocery stores like Giant Foods and Whole Foods. Come learn how the Sunshine Approach™ achieves Quadruple Bottom Line results—financial, environmental, social, and transformational—to bring lasting economic change to some of the world’s most disadvantaged people. Be inspired by one who works at the intersection of Christian compassion and economic excellence.

This event took place on Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 at the Eden Resort and Suites in Lancaster, PA.


Recap and Video

We had another fantastic and inspirational event with some great questions! Don Larson did an amazing job of leading the event and shared his journey into social entrepreneurship. Watch a video of the event below or at



Speaker Bio

Don Larson Portrait 2Don Larson
Founder and CEO of The Sunshine Nut Company

Don Larson, Founder and CEO of The Sunshine Nut Company and author of the Sunshine Approach, is a visionary who has a history of setting or accepting challenging goals and then exceeding expectations. Don has experience in some of the world’s best food companies, providing leadership in Engineering, Manufacturing, Procurement, IT, and Commodities. Most of his corporate experience was with The Hershey Company as a turn-around specialist.

During his career, Don has been impressed by two conditions: the vast amount of untapped human potential and the level of poverty in which most of the world lives. Based on his belief that capitalizing on the first condition would alleviate the second, Don sold all his possessions and moved his family to Mozambique, Africa in 2011 to help the poor and orphaned through transformational business. Dedicated to bringing hope to the hopeless and building a brighter future for generations of Africans, the Sunshine Nut Company is now shipping cashews to the world’s finest retailers. Providing hope never tasted so good!

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