Networking Event Recap: Surviving an Intergenerational Workplace


As many Americans postpone retirement, the age gap been the oldest and youngest in the workplace continues to expand. Of course, generational differences have always existed, but age-related disparities seem to be increasingly acute, perhaps because of factors such as changing values and asymmetrical adoption of new technology.

  • What are the challenges of working with others who are significantly older or younger than you?
  • How can you respond positively to these challenges in order to ensure your own productivity as well as that of your co-workers?

These are two of the key questions that will be addressed at the upcoming Messiah Business Alumni networking breakfast. The format of the event will be highly interactive with opportunities for table discussion as well as dialogue among all participants.

Leading the conversion will be a pair of human resource experts:

  • Mark Hopkins (Regional Director, Human Resources at Aetna)
  • Holly Paine Magnuson (Director, Global Talent Planning and Workforce Analytics at The Hershey Company)

As a registered attendee, we’d like you to do a little “homework” prior to coming.  We think reading this PDF article will help encourage discussion around each table.

This event took place on September 24th, 2013 at the Radisson in Camp Hill and was sponsored by Messiah Lifeways.

Recap and Video

We had another fantastic event with great table discussions. Unfortunately, Mark Hopkins was not able to join us but Holly Paine Magnuson did an amazing job of leading the event. Watch a video of the event below or at

Generations Defined
View this one page PDF that summarizes and defines the generations that we will be discussing.


Mark Hopkins (Moderator)
Holly Paine Magnuson (Moderator)


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