Networking Event: The Purpose Driven Business


The Purpose Driven Business

Thursday, September 19, 2019

A business owned by a Christian should be viewed as a beach head for good, in the war between good and evil. Our businesses are small territories captured by God’s people on the front lines to express tangibly the Kingdom of God to people. The way in which we operate our businesses should contrast with the business practices of the world and reward owners and employees with the dignity intended by God when he created us to do good works. Our businesses can express in very practical ways God’s provision and love for people when we establish The Purpose Driven Business.

Featured Speaker:

Quintin Frey, retired president of Turkey Hill Dairy

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Networking Event: The Common Good


The Common Good – Corporate Social Responsibility

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Making a Positive Impact: Our mission statement at Link is to positively impact lives. LINKBANK was established as a company that merges high performance with strong values. Brent Smith and Andrew Samuel will share their story on founding a bank with a mission of positively impacting lives. Through their personal faith journeys and professional experiences, they will discuss the creation of a unique banking experience and culture.

Speakers from LinkBank:

Andrew Samuel, CEO, LinkBank and Brent Smith, President, LinkBank

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Networking Event: The Business of Culture


The Business of Culture:  Strong leaders understand that a team’s accepted, celebrated behavior plays a significant role in determining organizational success. Identifying core values that describe the desired culture is straight-forward, consistently nurturing that culture to reality while scaling is the real challenge. Come hear Justin Bredeman share what Soccer Shots is doing to intentionally develop culture within their local team and throughout their national franchise system.

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Networking Event: The Neuroscience of Leadership

The Neuroscience of Leadership: How leaders and leadership has changed and looking ahead to 2020. Each attendee will walk away with a clearer understanding of how leaders need to change to meet the changing marketplace and to build a competitive effective organization

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Networking Event: Side Hustles

What do Apple, Under Armour, Etsy, and Instagram have in common? Besides being among the best-known brands, all started as “side hustles.” What’s the thing you’re doing outside of your day job that you’re passionate about and that occasionally wakes you up at night, just to work on for fun? That could be your side hustle.

Join us at the next Messiah College Business Alumni breakfast for what promises to be an engaging discussion with an accomplished panel of side hustlers at various stages of business development. Hear stories of failure and success, learn how a side hustle can positively impact your main gig, and maybe even be inspired to start your side hustle.

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Networking Event: Personal Branding that Benefits Others


Businesses often invest significant time and energy to build their brands. Individuals should do the same, not just for their own benefit but for the good of the organizations they serve, as well as for others. But, what is a personal brand and how should people go about building theirs?

Messiah College marketing professors David Hagenbuch and Keith Quesenberry are well-qualified to answer these questions. Both have written books related to personal branding and each brings considerable experience to bear on what has become an increasingly important, but often misunderstood topic.

Join us at the next Messiah College Business Alumni networking breakfast to hear David and Keith share their unique perspectives and learn how strong personal brands can have positive impact beyond their owners.

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Networking Event: Civility in the Workplace


Tension is rising. Click by click, social media is tearing down the curtain between “private” and “public”-personally held beliefs now flood public spaces. The workplace is no longer an oasis of civility. Where are we heading? Is it too late to change course?

Jeff’s presentation will help workplace leaders use the national moment to consider their commitment to creating a culture of civility and grace.

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Networking Event: Women in Leadership

It’s hard to believe it has been three years since the last Messiah College Business Alumni “Women in Business” networking breakfast-our most popular event to date. A panel of accomplished women business leaders shared from their significant experience to illuminate important workplace issues and highlight the unique impact women make in the world of business.

Our country and communities have changed over the last three years, making it as important as ever to understand the vital roles that women play at work. On the 10th anniversary of the first MCBA networking event, we are proud to resume this important conversation and appreciate anew women in leadership.

Join women and men from businesses and other organizations to participate in this timely discussion, guided by a new panel of esteemed women leaders. There’s much more to learn.


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Networking Event: Making Networking Work

Business and other professionals need to do networking well, yet they’re rarely taught how to network effectively, nor are they given opportunities to practice their networking skills in earnest. At its upcoming breakfast, the Messiah College Business Alumni association will address these deficiencies and suggest how networking can be a kingdom-building act.

Every MCBA event involves networking, but at the November breakfast, networking will be the main course. Mike True, Senior Associate, Talent Development & Marketing in Messiah College’s Career & Professional Development Center, will open the event by sharing several best practices in networking and inviting guests to add their own. After this networking primer, attendees will have the opportunity to put their networking skills in play through several rounds of “speed networking.”

This breakfast promises to be one of the most exciting and interactive MCBA events yet. It will be almost impossible for people to leave without enhancing their networking skills and expanding their networks.  We hope you’ll come and network with us!

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